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February 13, 2024

Edged Energy Launches in the U.S. with Four Ultra-Efficient, AI Ready Data Centers Delivering 300+ MW and Saving 1.2 Billion Gallons of Water Each Year

The platform is designed to meet the increasing demands of generative AI while delivering top-tier performance, waterless cooling and sustainable solutions

NEW YORK, NYEdged Energy, a subsidiary of Endeavour devoted to carbon neutral data center infrastructure, announced today the launch of its first four U.S. data centers, all designed for today’s high-density AI workloads and equipped with advanced waterless cooling and ultra-efficient energy systems. The facilities will bring more than 300 MW of critical capacity with an industry-leading average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 portfolio-wide. Edged has nearly a dozen new data centers operating or under construction across Europe and North America and a gigawatt-scale project pipeline.

The first phase of this U.S. expansion includes a 168 MW campus in Atlanta, a 96 MW campus in the Chicago area, 36 MW in Phoenix and 24 MW in Kansas City. At a time of growing water scarcity where rivers, aquifers and watersheds are at dangerously low levels, it is more critical than ever that IT infrastructure conserve precious water resources. The new Edged facilities are expected to save more than 1.2 billion gallons of water each year compared to conventional data centers.

“The rise of AI and machine learning is requiring more power, and often more water, to cool outdated servers. While traditional data centers struggle to adapt, Edged facilities are ready for the advanced computing of today and tomorrow without consuming any water for cooling,” said Bryant Farland, Chief Executive Officer for Edged. “Sustainability is at the core of our platform. It is why our data centers are uniquely optimized for energy efficiency and water conservation. We are excited to be partnering with local communities to bring future-proof solutions to a growing digital economy.”  

All Edged data centers are outfitted with the ThermalWorks waterless cooling system, designed to support the intense demands of generative AI and advanced computing. The modular system supports densities of up to 70 kW per rack with air cooling and 200 kW per rack with plug-and-play liquid cooling integration. Unlike other waterless cooling solutions, this advanced technology is ultra-efficient, dramatically reducing energy consumption by 74% compared with the global average PUE of 1.58 reported by the Uptime Institute.

The Edged platform’s rapid rollout is possible because it is designed as a fully integrated, modular system that brings together state-of-the-art electrical and waterless mechanical elements and is backed by deep supply chain partnerships. This helps lower costs, speed up construction and minimize environmental impacts.

The new Edged data centers in Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas City are now under construction and will open later this year. Several more U.S. sites are expected to break ground in major urban markets in the coming months.

About Edged Energy
Edged Energy is a vertically integrated global platform of on-demand data centers. Its operations are designed to be carbon and water neutral. Edged Energy is an Endeavour company. For more information, visit  

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