July 7, 2023

Edged Begins Construction on New Ultra-Efficient, Waterless Data Center in Atlanta

Edged Atlanta will offer 180 MW of capacity and represents the start of a massive U.S. network of carbon-neutral, Edged data centers beginning construction this year

ATLANTA, GA–Edged, a subsidiary of Endeavour devoted to net-zero data center infrastructure for global cloud companies, marked a significant milestone with the start of construction on a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency data center near downtown Atlanta. Located on more than 70 acres along Marrieta Road near the Inman Train Yard, the new multi-building campus is designed with waterless cooling and energy-efficient systems that enable a 1.15 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The groundbreaking showcases the collaboration between Edged, real estate developer TPA Group and local utility provider Georgia Power Company.

The new data center will be constructed in phases, with the first building scheduled for completion in June 2024. "Atlanta has a long history of fostering cutting-edge technology and innovation, and this new sustainable data center exemplifies that commitment to creative solutions for a greener and brighter future,” said Endeavour founder Jakob Carnemark. “We are excited to partner with technology companies who are leading the charge in sustainable development. Together, we are setting an example for how technology and sustainability can converge to build a better tomorrow. ”The Edged platform is uniquely optimized for both energy and water efficiency. Unlike traditional data centers which put significant pressure on the power grid and consume nearly 136 billion gallons of water each year in the U.S. alone, Edged Atlanta will be outfitted with ultra-efficient waterless cooling technology that can handle high density loads (up to 50kW/rack in air-cooled configurations and greater densities with liquid cooling plug-in components) yet consumes no water. This innovative design helps ensure that the data center's operations strengthen the local grid and are carbon neutral.

“Edged is proud to work with our partners in the Atlanta community to bring a new era ofs ustainable infrastructure and world-class connectivity to serve the burgeoning tech hub of the Southwest” said Frank Scandariato, Director of Platform Delivery at Edged. Edged Atlanta marks the start of a massive network of Edged data centers launching throughout the U.S. and will join nearly a dozen already in construction worldwide this year. These new centers are part of the company's ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and world-class performance.

About Edged
Edged Energy is a vertically integrated global platform of on-demand data centers. Its operations are carbon and water neutral. Edged Energy is an Endeavour company.
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About Endeavour
Endeavour is an innovation platform purpose-built to support the reliable, rapid growth and sustainable operations of global cloud and logistics companies. It develops and scales distributed energy, water and IT infrastructure with cloud companies.
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TPA Group is a private real estate investment, acquisition and development firm committed to the highest standard of diligence ,integrity and execution.
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